Rubber EPDM, AEM, NBR & HNBR hoses

Black rubber hoses and hoses for cooling and heating in theautomotive and agricultural industries DARWIN PLUS“DARWIN PLUS” are made from a high-quality rubber compound based on EPDM, AEM, NBR and HNBR rubber, depending on the operating temperature and the operatingmedium.

The outer casing of the hoses is resistant to coolant fluids, ozone, climatic effects, sunlight, and ambient temperature.


Working medium: Coolant, air, hot air with oil vapors, oil, motor oils, mineral oils, diesel fuel & gasoline.

Marking (as per compound)


Working medium

Working temperature




cooling and heating systems


Coolant and air

from -40 to +120 °C (for short duration up to +150°C)



crankcase ventilation system, gas exhaustsystem


Oils, hot air with oil vapors

from -30 to +150 °C (for short duration up to +175°C)



crankcase ventilation system, gas exhaustsystem

Engine oils, mineral oils and fuels

from -40 to +100 °C (for short duration up to +120°C)



power system (fuel lines,exhaust pipes and chargeair systems)

Diesel fuel, gasoline andoils

from -40 to +150 °C (for short duration up to +160°C)

The material properties of AEM, NBR and HNBR oil-petrol resistant rubbers provided for reference only. For anaccurate selection of material, please contact our specialists 


The material properties of AEM, NBR and HNBR oil-petrol resistant rubbers provided for reference only. For an accurate selection of material, please contact our specialists: 

Material: Rubber compound based on

  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber)
  • AEM (Ethylene Acrylic rubber)
  • NBR (Nitrile-butadiene Rubber)
  • HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) Working pressure 0,4 MPa (for diameters up to Ø 40 mm), 0,2MPa (for diameters more than Ø 40 mm).

The maximum value of the negative pressure of the working medium upto 0,01 MPa.

Burst pressure pb: 2 x Working pressure.

Reinforcement - Polyester thread.

Wall thickness from 4 to 7mm depending on inner diameter and working pressure.

Surface: Glossy finish, Matte finish, Color black.


  • Highly elastic rubber (hardness range from 40 to 90 Shore A)
  • The increased thickness prevents cold water leakage and

curing at low temperatures Heat resistance

  • Resistant to coolants, ozone and surrounding

Types of DARWIN PLUS rubber EPDM, AEM, NBR & HNBR hoses:

  • DARWIN PLUS DPEL, DPAL & DPNL angle hoses 45°, 90°, & 135°.
  • DARWIN PLUS DPEI ,DPEII,DPAI,DPAII,DPNI & DPNII straight rubber hoses.
  • DARWIN PLUS DPEIS,DPAIS & DPNIS straight corrugsted hoses with spring (corrugated hoses).

DARWIN PLUS rubber hoses are manufactured as per below mentioned standards:

  • ASTM D2000(Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive Applications);
  • SAE J20 (This SAE Standard covers reinforced and flexible hoses intended for use in water and ethylene glycol-basedengine- coolant system applications);
  • SAE J30(This SAE standard covers fuel, oil, or emission hose for use in coupled and uncoupled applications, for use withgasoline, oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil, or the vapors present in either the fuel system or in the crankcase of internal combustion engines in mobile or stationary applications.)
  • GOST 10362-76 (Russian standard operating in Russia and CIS countries) (Rubber hoses);
  • TC SGBH 1801 & TC SGFOH 1801(Internal technical norms of ShreeGee for rubber & oil-fuel resistant hoses).

DARWIN PLUS – Trademark

DPЕL - Type of hose

  • E – based rubber compound ;
  • I – straight;
  • L– angle;
  • DPЕL – Angle hoses 90° 45° & 135°;
  • DPЕI – Straight hoses 500 & 1000 mm;
  • DPЕII – Straight hoses 1500, 2000, 2500 & 3000;
  • DPEIH – Damper hoses;
  • DPEIS, DPAIS, DPNIS - Straight hoses with SS spring in hose
  • DPEIV, DPAIV и DPNIV - Straight hoses with SS spring inside


5770 - the number corresponds to the size 70x70x135 Ø inlet (mm) x Ø outlet (mm) x length(mm).

*After the verification of the drawing with the number / name of the hose from the customer, the product is marked in accordance verified drawing.


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