Supplier warranty

Darwin Plus guarantees the compliance of hoses/sleeves with the requirements of international and Russian standards, provided that the consumer observes the conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation established in this Technical Specification. Uponthe expiry of the guaranteed storage period, the use of hoses is considered acceptable, provided that their properties indicated in the SGH 1801 Specification are preserved. If the requirements are met, the consumer makes a decision concerning the possibility of their application. The decision shall be documented officially with an act or report.

DARWIN PLUS products are hereby guaranteed to be free from defects in materials, construction (if designed by the ShreeGee factory)and workmanship at the time of delivery, and are guaranteed to comply with production specifications or agreed specifications. The warranty for DARWIN PLUS products is valid for one year or 100,000 km of run, provided that they are properly installed by a qualified technician using special tools and subject to the installation instructions. The maintenance intervals indicated by the equipmentmanufacturer are only binding for the period of the warranty period specified above. In all warranty cases, an analysis of the respectiveDARWIN PLUS products shall be carried out.

The above analysis is based on the following criteria: Analysis of defective products;

Engineering assessment and examination results; Installation conditions;

Operating conditions;

Recommendations applicable to original equipment. The warranty does not cover the following cases:

- Failure to comply with the transportation and storage conditions;


  • A defect resulting from natural wear and tear of the product;
  • Installation in a non-professional workshop;
  • Installation without modern equipment and appropriate tools;
  • Installation, maintenance and replacement in violation of the instructions for the original products;
  • Operation in improper conditions (changes in the vehicle design, participation in races, );
  • Contamination of the product with foreign inclusions or materials, aggressive liquids,
  • Failure not caused by our products;
  • Use of counterfeit products;

Packaging: In accordance with the logistic sheet, DARWIN PLUS hoses are supplied in the package that protects them againstdeformation, damage and loss during transportation. In addition, fuel hoses are protected with plugs and individual package in order toavoid the contamination of internal surfaces. By agreement with the consumer, another type of the package and container is allowed, which ensures the use of mechanical means during the performance of loading and unloading operations.

Packaged hoses can be transported by all means of transportation in closed vehicles subject to the transportationrules applicable to each type of vehicle.

Storage: Hoses shall be stored in closed rooms at a temperature from 0 ⁰C to +25 ⁰C on racks in a packed form or on the floor in containers under conditions that exclude their deformation and


damage. It is unacceptable to expose rubber goods to direct sunlight, oil, gasoline, kerosene, acids, alkalis, and gases harmful torubber goods (VMQ, FS, FK, EPDM, AEM, NBR, NR, NE, polyurethane and HNBR).

In the case of storage of hoses at a sub-freezing temperature, some rubber goods become rigid; such goods shall be kept beforetesting or assembly at a temperature of (20-5) ⁰C for at least 24 hours so that they could take their original shape.

Storage period: Maximum 5 years* based on standard storage specifications.

Lifetime: In accordance with standards or instructions of the equipment/ vehicle manufacturer.

*The warranty is only valid if the storage, installation and operating conditions are complied with in accordance with the technical standards

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